List of Chapters of Congress of North American Bosniaks

June 10, 2010

Pursuant to Article 17a of the Statute of the Congress of North American Bosniaks, the  CNAB Board of Directors has made significant steps to expand its base in the United States and Canada.

Because of the expressed desires of the local North American Bosniaks, and the need for expansion of spheres of interest and domain of CNAB in all states in the U.S. and provinces in Canada on a regional basis, CNAB chapters have been registered and continue to be registered at the state level in which they are located.

CNAB Board of Directors recognizes as legal and legitimate following registered CNAB Chapters at the state  and provincial level:

CNAB – Florida Chapter
Amir Makarević, representative

CNAB – Georgia Chapter
Semir Đulić, representative

Illinois Chapter

Arnesa Omeragic, representative

CNAB – Indiana Chapter
Sanel Babić, representative

CNAB – Michigan Chapter
Haris Alibasic, represntative

CNAB – Missouri Chapter
Murat Muratović, representative

New Hampshire (Association of Bosniaks of New Hampshire)

Nefail Aljić, president
Nadir Ibraković, secretary

CNAB – New York Chapter
Uzeir Ramić, representative

CNAB – North and South Carolina Chapter
Fahrudin Mekic, representative

CNAB – Oregon Chapter
Adis Trnjanin, representative

CNAB – Vermont Chapter
Zijad Bećirević, president

CNAB – Washington Chapter
Haris Šuko, president

CNAB for Canada
Prof. Emir Ramić
Daniel Toljaga
Burhan Husika
Mirsad Smajić
Tajib ef. Pašanbegović

CNAB Board will continue its work to expand the base CNAB.


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