Congratulatory letter to Anesa Kajtazovic, first Bosniak American elected to Iowa State House

November 11, 2010

Representative Elect Anesa Kajtazovic

Iowa House of Representatives – District 21

Honorable Anesa Kajtazovic:

On behalf of Congress of North American Bosniaks (CNAB), we congratulate you on your recent election victory for the Iowa House District 21 seat. Your victory represents a milestone for all Bosniak Americans who have worked hard to successfully integrate into the American society, while also preserving the beliefs and values from their native homeland.

We wish the best of luck to you in your rising political career and hope that it will inspire more young Bosniak Americans to follow in your footsteps. We offer our support to you in working closely together to help a young generation of Bosniaks get more involved in serving others on the local, state, and federal level, and promote what is in the best interest of their communities.


Haris Alibasic
President of CNAB Board of Directors

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