Statement on the reported agreement between SDA and HDZ leaders regarding the implementation of the Sejdic-Finci ruling

September 19, 2013

SEJDIC-FINCIThe Congress of North American Bosniaks (CNAB) expresses deep concern about the alleged agreement between president of SDA,  Sulejman Tihic, and president of HDZ, Dragan Covic, regarding the implementation of the judgment in Sejdic-Finci case. This agreement is against the interests of the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, its people and citizens and represents further nationalist division of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian electoral landscape and its its social fabric. Read more


CNAB Welcomes the Apology of the United Nations for Serb Nationalist Song Ovation

January 17, 2013

The Congress of North American Bosniaks (CNAB) welcomes the news that today Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s spokesman stated that the United Nations apologizes for the ovation given to a militant Serb nationalist song “March on the River Drina”  that was performed as an encore at a concert honoring Serbia’s presidency of the U.N. General Assembly. Read more


Victory for Truth and Justice: Michael Parenti’s Lecture Canceled

May 21, 2012

After several days of appeals by Bosniak institutions, friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and victims of genocide, the San Jose Center for Peace finally canceled genocide denier Michael Parenti’s lecture event . This successful initiative illustrates that every effort and fight for truth and justice eventually pays off; in this case the coordinated efforts by the signed eight institutions helped lead the way in convincing the Board of the San Jose Center for Peace and Justice to cancel the lecture. In the following letter to the Center’s President Lin, the leaders of these institutions stated:

Read more


State of Michigan Senate adopted the resolution commemorating Srebrenica genocide

July 9, 2011

The State of Michigan Senators adopted the Senate Resolution SR 70 proclaiming July 11, 2011, as Srebrenica Remembrance Day and the week of July 11, 2011, as Bosnia and Herzegovina Tribute Week in the state of Michigan. State Senators unanimously voted to adopt the Resolution. In a letter to Senators, the Congress of North American Bosniaks (CNAB) thanked Michigan legislators for their support to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bosniak Americans in Michigan. Read more


Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx Honors Srebrenica Genocide Victims

July 9, 2011

Charlotte, NC Mayor Anthony R. Foxx honored the Srebrenica genocide victims by issuing a proclamation recognizing the Srebrenica genocide in which more than 8,000 Bosniak civilians were brutally slaughtered by Serb forces led by the recently arrested general Ratko Mladic. Read more


Louisville Mayor Fischer Proclaimed July 11 Srebrenica Remembrance Day

July 7, 2011

Greg E. Fischer, Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky proclaimed July 11 as Srebrenica Remembrance Day in honor of the victims of the Srebrenica Genocide that occurred folowing the fall of the Bosnian town of Srebrenica to the Serbian forces led by the recently arrested war criminal general Ratko Mladic.  Read more


IRGC welcomes Canadian denial of entry to genocide denier Srdja Trifkovic

February 25, 2011

Institute for Genocide Research Canada (IRGC) is pleased to inform the public that a well known genocide denier and anti-Muslim campaigner, Srdja Trifkovic, has been denied entry to Canada. As a result he was unable to give a planned lecture at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. This is a welcome outcome that can be attributed to a determined and successful campaign by the Canadian and American Bosniak community. Read more


CNAB letter to University of British Columbia regarding genocide denier Srdja Trifkovic

February 20, 2011

Office of the President
Prof. Stephen J. Toope, PhD
The University of British Columbia
6328 Memorial Road
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z2

Dear Professor Toope,

On behalf of the Congress of North American Bosniaks (CNAB), an umbrella organization representing more than 350,000 Bosniaks in the United States and Canada, I would like to express our dismay at the news that a well known genocide denier Srdja Trifkovic is scheduled to speak at an event organized by the Serbian Students Association at your prestigious academic institution. Read more


Canadian parliament unanimously adopts the Srebrenica genocide resolution

October 19, 2010

After five years of lobbying by the Canadian – Bosniak community, the Canadian parliament has unanimously adopted the Srebrenica genocide resolution {M-416} recognizing the genocide that happened in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Hercegovine, in 1995 Read more


Cities of Grand Rapids and Kentwood, Michigan Proclaim July 11, 2010 as Srebrenica Remembrance Day

July 16, 2010

July 13, 2010

 City of Grand Rapids, Michigan adopted the proclamation proclaiming July 11, 2010, as Srebrenica Remembrance Day and the week of July 11, 2010, as Bosnia and Herzegovina Tribute Week in the City of Grand Rapids. Read more


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